Your Student Essentials Packing List for Move In
Carolyn Slater | July 27th, 2023

Your Student Essentials Packing List for Move In

Packing can be a drag! We have created a super simple guide for all our students here at The Reserve to make moving into your Student Housing Community a breeze! Move in can be stressful enough with new classes and getting used to campus! But moving into your new townhouse is going to be a fun experience and coming prepared with all the right things makes it so simple!

Let’s break this down room by room so you can follow our simple guide and come prepared!


• Full Mattress
• Duvet, duvet cover and bed sheets.
• Pillows and pillow cases.
• A blanket – Have you tried a weighted blanket??
• Shower Curtain + c- for your own PRIVATE bathroom


• Frying pan
• Saucepans.
• Baking trays – These will get ruined so buy cheap ones.
• Cooking utensils – essentials: a spatula, tongs, plastic spoon, wooden spoon and potato masher.
• Can opener
• Pizza cutter and pizza oven tray – Pizza is a staple student diet.
• Cutting boards – Similar to the trays, these often get destroyed within weeks so cheap ones are ideal.
• Bowls, plates and little plates
• Mugs & glasses – you know, for that morning cup of Joe
• Cutlery- Get something cheap but don’t use Plastic!

• Stackable food containers, Tupperware and microwavable takeaway containers (these are a life saver).


• Dishcloths and sponges – These get pretty dirty so I would keep them in your personal drawer.
• Wipes – Disinfectant, wooden, bathroom and citrus cleaning wipes are the ones that we recommend.
• Vacuum- Carpet in the bedrooms and hallway.
• Swifter- Easy cleanup for the common area floors
• Trashcan Bags – You can never have enough of these.
• A bathmat and bathroom bin
• Coat-hangers


• Desk lamp – The dimmable ones are the best!
• Pictures, posters and knick-knacks from home
• A mirror
• Throw Pillows – These serve a double purpose: 1) they look nice and make a room feel homely, 2) your bed can double-up as a sofa with the help of a few cushions and a throw.


• Patio Furniture for you and your roommates

We hope that this short packing lists helps you and your future roommates move go over like a breeze. We are so very excited to welcome you to Lynchburg’s newest student housing community, The Reserve at Burton Creek!