Simple Maintenance Tips For Student Living
Carolyn Slater | October 28th, 2021

Simple Maintenance Tips For Student Living

As renters there are many things you can do to maintain your townhome. Today we are going to give you a quick list of simple things your can do as busy students that take little to no time! These simple tips and tricks will make your experience here so much easier.

Simple maintenance tips for your student townhome:

  1. Clean your dryer vents after every use. This is such a simple tip and takes less than five seconds. But, so essential for the functionality of the machine and fire safety.
  2. Don’t cover the fire alarms for any reason. If you have a fire alarm that is chirping, please put in a work order for us to change the batteries!
  3. Keep your freezer and fridge clean along with your counters and cabinets. Keeping these areas clean is essential for keeping the flies and ants away during those summer months.
  4. NEVER hang anything from the sprinkler heads. This can cause unwanted water leaks and malfunctioning sprinklers.
  5. Clogs in your kitchen sink or toilet should be reported to maintenance. Please do not use any chemicals to unclog your sinks or toilets. These chemicals can ruin the pipes and cause water leaks.
  6. Make sure you are using the correct dishwasher soap in your dishwasher. DO NOT USE normal dish soap.

We hope these few tips can help make your stay here a breeze. We are always here to help. Please take advantage of our easy maintenance request process via your resident portal. If you have any other tips you’d like to share head over to Instagram and send us a message!