Living With Roommates In College
Carolyn Slater | August 25th, 2021

Living With Roommates In College

The first-time you live with a roommate it can be a strange and awkward experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s a college roommate or a roommate in the first place you can call your own, these first-time roommate tips will help make sure you get along with your roommate and settle into your new home quickly and comfortably.


How to Get Along with a New Roommate

If you are moving in with a friend or classmate, you’re probably excited to decorate your new space and to get into the fun aspects of living together, like movie nights, game nights and cooking together! But with any new situation, there can be a few challenges that might arise during this process. With the right insights you can avoid any roadblocks or misunderstandings as you move in with your new roommate, allowing you to enjoy your space and your company.


  1. NEVER split the cost of furniture.


Whether you live with a close friend or someone you just met, I suggest [yourself] purchasing half the items and the other roommate purchasing the other half. Do not split the cost of everything. This will cause controversy once someone moves out because there will be confusion and possible confrontation on who keeps what.


  1. 5. Be respectful of each other’s work schedule

We all need down time, especially when we have to get up early for work or a class. Be respectful of how late you have friends over, or how loud you may be playing music late at night. Maybe set a quite time during the week and have weekends be open to later nights.
  1. Just Life Furniture DON’T split the grocery bill


While it might be tempting to snag that yummy snack just staring at you from the fridge, it’s best to split the groceries and have your own. Pick a section of the fridge and pantry for each person. Sharing food is always a debatable topic. But, having your own and sticking to those boundaries helps to prevent conflict. Isn’t it the worst when you have something in mind to make and when you go to prepare it your ingredients are gone!


  1. Have a cleaning schedule

We can all be a little messy at times, but make sure you are being respectful of the shared spaces in your apartment. Having a cleaning schedule can help minimize any confusion as to when and what needs to be cleaned.  Grab a white board and make a monthly cleaning calendar. Hang it in your laundry so its visible to everyone.

We hope these tips help you as you navigate the waters of living with roommates while in college. We know you all are super busy with all your classes so why add to the stress with roommate drama! Let us know what tips and tricks work for you and your roommates!